t Lounge

The t-Lounge at Arcade Independence Square by Dilmah is an indulgent experience of Ceylon’s finest tea. Our luxurious range of gourmet single origin teas are served hot, fragrant and delicious, chilled or sparkling over ice in our iconic mason jars or as a rich Dilmah tea shake.

At the t-Lounge, we offer our tea inspired gastronomy; teas deliciously paired with crepes, waffles, sandwiches and elegantly infused into our unique tea ice creams and sorbets. Our latest signature teas, Long Afternoon platters and the popular High Tea are crafted to please not only the tea purist and the tea adventurer, but also the tea novice.

Embodying the luxury of real tea presented in a context appealing and suitable to a 21st century lifestyle, the t-Lounge at Arcade Independence Square by Dilmah marries the old with the new in a combination that has proven to be a great success.

The iconic architecture of the Arcade at Independence Square adds to the colourful traditions of tea culture at the t-Lounge. The dark wood and glass exterior combines a cosy and welcoming space that allows for a light and airy interior, while olive and champagne upholstery complement its warm ambience creating an inviting setting for our guests. So, step inside the t-Lounge, sip a cup of refreshing Dilmah and wrap yourself in a timeless cocoon of luxury.