The Dilmah t-Boutique located adjacent to the t-Lounge at Arcade Independence Square by Dilmah offers a luxurious range of single origin teas to tea aficionados and enthusiasts visiting the store. Select from a variety of gourmet ranges including t-Series Luxury Designer Leaf Tea, Signature Teas, Dilmah Watte Series, Very Special Rare Teas and, a selection of tea accessories and the Dilmah Gift of Tea range.

Dilmah is a unique brand of tea created and nurtured by Founder Merrill J. Fernando to share his passion for ‘real’ tea with millions of tea lovers around the world. ‘Real’ is a reference to the way Dilmah tea is made; grown, handpicked and artisanally crafted to retain its delicate but powerful virtues, for which it has been celebrated for centuries.

It is also the world’s first ethically made tea; earnings from its global sales remain in Sri Lanka and are shared with workers and the community and re-invested in the industry, making the millions of Dilmah Tea consumers around the world stakeholders of a sustainable tea industry in Sri Lanka.